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Free Hk Tvb Drama

As with many other markets, young viewers in Hong Kong prefer to watch their favorite programs on their computers, tablets and phones anytime and anywhere. They are given a wide and varied choice of programs from around the world. What's more, many services provide programs free of charge to viewers.

free hk tvb drama

Hong Kong's TV stations are showing many drama series produced in South Korea and Taiwan. It's probably much cheaper to buy these than to produce their own. What's more, South Korean productions have proved popular among many local viewers.

But many, if not all, those programs are provided free on the internet by at least half a dozen providers who can be easily discovered through Google Search. In those services, all episodes of any particular series are available for watching at any time the viewer may choose. And with the right setup, they can watch it on a big-screen television set.

The broadcaster's net profit for last year fell more than 50 percent from 2015. In the past several months, TVB has been strongly pushing its "all-in-one" multimedia site which is said to combine the functions of traditional TV, mobile app and social platform. It's basically a free streaming service of TVB's contents with some added functions.

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre The late Qing merchant Hu Xueyan had incomparable experiences in his life. Apart from opening banks, trading in tea and silk, and offering free medicine to the poor, he was also the court-appointed Inspector of Zhejiang. How did he manage to dominate both the political and business worlds.Outstanding playwright Paul Poon recreated his legendary life in Hu Xueyan, my Dear in its 2016 premiere production directed by Roy Szeto, setting an unprecedented record of 20 full-house performances. The production won the Hong Kong Drama Awards in six categories, including Best Overall Performance, Outstanding Production of the Year, Best Script and Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama), as well as Best Script and Best Director at the Shanghai One Drama Awards. This revival features a revised script, new cast members and design elements that will surely take the Chinese-language theatre scene by storm again. Hu Xueyan, My Dear's cast includes Poon Chan Leung in the title role, along with Lau Shau Ching, Mercy Wong, Lui Si Lan, Ko Hon Man, Yu Hon Ting, Yau Ting Fai and Eddy Au Yeung. This drama runs between 4th and 19th August at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Shouson Theatre. Tickets are available now from URBTIX outlets.

The story is about Hu Xueyan (played by Poon Chan Leung) experienced ups and downs in his life, his fate closely tied to the ebb and flow of the fortunes of the final decades of the Qing dynasty. Clairvoyant in observing trends and how best to utilize people around him, Hu transformed himself from a penniless lad to the nation's top merchant powerful enough to rival the court. Despite tumultuous times, he used his unique talents and financial resources to help Wang Youling and Zuo Zongtang to combat the Taiping rebels as well as Western powers. Equally comfortable among officials and traders, Hu was a man of ideals intent to challenge Westerners on political and business fronts, at the same time making generous donations to provide free medical care for the poor. In his mind, life was a never-ending game to catch.Hu Xueyan's amazing vision and perception has long attracted the attention of playwright Paul Poon to bring that life to the stage. "I finished a draft of Hu Xueyan, my Dear as early as 1998. Preparing for this play, I searched all over and found all extant materials available about him. From all this information I created a story line, mixing reality with imagination. These days, few people are dreamers, even fewer are willing to follow their dreams, let alone those unwavering in pursuit of their dreams. I hope the character of Hu Xueyan I've created retains such charisma." This new version is tighter and even more focussed and refined. The narrative approach is also transformed, as dramatic characters themselves provide commentaries that traverse time and space.

Most recently, Poon has devoted much of his energy to television and film. Memorable roles include Master Hill in HKTV's drama To Be or Not To Be and Chiu Tsz Lung in ViuTV's premiere drama series Margaret & David - Green Bean, which garnered much praise. Other television performances include HKTV's Doom+5's 'Resurrection' and The Election, episodes of RTHK's Under the Lion Rock in 2014 and 2015, and Fox Asia's The Trading Floor. His films include The Mad Phoenix, The Umbrella Story, Love Au Zen, Weeds on Fire, Pseudo Secular, The Moment and most recently, Men on the Dragon.Poon has received numerous accolades, including 16 nominations in the Hong Kong Drama Awards, of which he won three Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama) awards for Rabbit Hole (2013), The Professor (2014) and Hu Xueyan, my Dear (2017). He also received three Best Supporting Actor awards in 1995, 2005 and 2011. Poon's portrayal of Tong Tik-sang in the film The Mad Phoenix (1997) won him nominations for Best Supporting Actor in both the 34th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan and the 17th Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2005, Poon received the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council to further his studies in New York. He was awarded Best Artist (Drama) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2012. 350c69d7ab


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