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The concept of Sunday school in Sweden started in the early to mid-1800s, initially facing some backlash before becoming more mainstream as it was often intertwined with the growth (and eventual legalization) of free churches. The first documented Sunday school was started in 1826 in Snavlunda parish, Örebro County, by priest Ringzelli, and was still active during the time of Pastor Lennart Sickeldal in the 1950s.[24] Ringzelli was also an early organizer of school meals for students who lived far from the school or were from poor families.[25]

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Upon Palmqvist's return to Sweden, he invited 25 local poor children and founded the first Baptist Sunday school; the same year, Ehrenborg began a Sunday school as well, with 13 mostly Baptist and free-church students.[34][32][35] Palmqvist was given 5 in financial support by the London Sunday School Association and used the money to travel to Norrland, home of a significant revival movement, to spread the idea of Sunday school there.[36] The first Sunday school association in Sweden, Stockholms Lutherska Söndagsskolförening, was started in 1868.[37][35] However, even despite the abolition of the Conventicle Act in 1858 and increasing religious freedom, there were still challenges: Palmqvist was reported to the Stockholm City Court by a priest in 1870 for teaching children who did not belong to his congregation but was later acquitted.[37]

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