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[S1E5] Cold World

500 years ago, a tyrannical Krytan king was slain by his own people, those who had suffered greatly during his reign of lunacy. It is said that this king's body was chopped into pieces, and his spirit was banished to the Underworld, but that he can return to the mortal realm for just one day a year on Halloween. Yet, it had been 250 years since the last recorded sighting of the Mad King Thorn. The Commander received a mail from Captain Tokk of the Captain's Council, asking them to assist the Durmand Priory, and that strange doors have begun appearing across the land. Magister Tassi of the Durmand Priory requested help to find the missing parts to a biography of the Mad King. To help, she provides a new device: the Candy-Powered Matter Meter, and asks that you first use it on the ghost standing next to her. The Commander proceeded to travel from ghost to ghost, gathering clues and pages to the missing biography of Prince Oswald Thorn. They learn of young Oswald Thorn's activities and violence that resulted in the death of his brother and first wife, as well as several others up to his coronation. Meanwhile, the strange doors across Tyria began connecting brave adventurers to the Mad King's Realm, proving that the Mad King did exist. Magister Tassi asked adventurers to continue looking for pages for a second volume, which details his continued reign of lunacy and terror on his subjects, another wife, his eventual murder, and the steps taken to hide his body. Throughout this searching, the Lion's Arch statue had slowly been becoming cracked and crumbling as mysterious energy seemed to be building up inside. Finally, the statue itself shattered and the Mad King Thorn emerged into this world. The Priory, however, fought him back and the Commander entered the Mad King's domain to fight him. Their efforts resulted in the Mad King's power being diminished, returning him to his previous limitations of visiting only on Halloween, and only for fun. Before Halloween ended, the Mad King traveled around Lion's Arch providing occasional games of his old pastime: Your Mad King says...

[S1E5] Cold World

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Moto, an asura genius, turns up in Rata Sum demonstrating his latest invention: The Super Adventure Box. He pitches it as an edutainment device, and turns down several offers of investment from interested parties. However, everybody is welcome to play test the game, to see who can get through all three stages, but a starting teaser of world 2.

It was later discovered by the Commander that Marjory Delaqua was formerly part of the Ministry Guard,[33] but during an investigation of a child's murder, she was grabbed by 'E' from behind[34] (she couldn't see 'E'). She is then told there are forces in this world that would take us all down unless we stop them together. After that encounter she sometimes gets contacted by the mysterious person.

The elusive Bazaar of the Four Winds had commenced. The Bazaar of the Four Winds is a black marketplace where many merchants trade in rare and unique goods at a lower price than that of many of the suppliers in the capital cities around the world, effectively undercutting their business. For this reason, the Bazaar is an illegal trade movement and many authorities, such as the Vigil, attempt to bring the events down. However, Lion's Arch being a pirate haven has gotten notice of when the bazaars commence, and the Bazaar is accepted publicly. To avoid being caught the Bazaar is set up at different locations throughout Tyria, and the notice is given very suddenly. The location of the 1326 AE Bazaar was located in the Labyrinthine Cliffs,[41] a byzantine system of cliffs along the Deldrimor Front. Due to the nature of the deals, the Bazaar is notoriously known to be dangerous, especially if and when the Zephyr Sanctum docks.

The Zephyr Sanctum is the floating sanctuary built by the Zephyrites, a secluded, zen-like organization composed primarily of humans of Canthan or Elonian descent. The Zephyrites rarely docked on land and mostly did so to gather supplies, choosing to live in the air for years at a time. This caused many of the Zephyrites to be disconnected with the world around,[42] showing ignorance towards the sylvari race, the truce between the humans and charr, and other historical events. The Durmand Priory were able to discover more about the enigmatic organization during the Bazaar. They discovered that the Zephyrites were the successors of the Brotherhood of the Dragon. After the Transformation of the Dwarves turned them to stone, Glint passed on the guardianship to a select few humans. When Glint was killed by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik in 1320 AE, her servants trekked to location of her corpse to prevent the magic imbued within it from falling into the wrong hands. It was there they found the Aspects, and with them they decided to build a Zephyr Sanctum, where they could live above the clouds and study the Aspects in peace. During the Bazaar, some Zephyrites can be heard singing a song; a testament to Glint's legacy.

Although the authorities were on high alert for a reappearance by the mysterious stranger, most of the jubilee was uneventful until the closing ceremony. The Closing Ceremony commenced with Queen Jennah taking the stage of the pavilion, giving her speech on humanity's resolve, unity, and strength. However, the Queen's speech was quickly interrupted by the same fugitive; this time with her hood down and her face revealed to the world. The stranger was revealed to be a female sylvari naming herself Scarlet Briar. She laughed at the 'endurance' and 'trials' of the human race and began explaining how fragile the Krytan society truly is. To prove her point, the sylvari was somehow able to control the Krytan Watchknights, and twist them into twisted, horrific machinery. As the horrors began to cause chaos around the pavilion, Scarlet declared that there were four bombs planted 'to keep things lively', and attempted to kidnap the queen. As the maniacal sylvari shot an explosive bullet onto the stage in an attempt to capture the Queen, Lord Faren attempted to rescue her. It was later revealed that the Queen on stage commencing the closing ceremony was actually a mesmeric illusion created by Anise in an attempt to bait the mysterious fugitive. The plan was successful, but as the knowledge of the plan was only limited to the Queen and the Shining Blade, Lord Faren was prized with a fall into the arena level of the pavilion. During this time, the Commander was able to successfully disarm the four bombs and Watchknights around the pavilion. Scarlet, however, did not seem fazed by the progress of these events as she revealed the location of a fifth bomb located at the evacuation point for the Seraph and citizens alike. The Seraph failed to reach the disarm in time, causing large amounts of civilian and Seraph casualties. After the bombing, Scarlet traveled to the secluded arena level of the pavilion,[51] effectively locking her inside the arena with a number of hostages while she kept taunting and berating the Queen's 'endurance' and 'trials'.

As time passed, more information about Scarlet and her history began to surface. It was discovered that upon waking from the Dream of Dreams, the sylvari was inundated by the 'complex systems of small, interlocking parts that affected one another in an ever changing dance'; fascinated by this life itself that she was now a part of. Upon awakening, the sylvari was given the name Ceara and was told of her purpose as the Pale Tree directed of her. Ceara almost felt offended by the linear lifestyle her people had to endure.[52] Choosing to follow her own path, the sylvari left the Grove after eight years of voracious study to explore the world and learn about the ever changing mechanisms that define it. She became a solitary scholar, first learning the smith crafts of the norn in Hoelbrak that defined their culture. She was accepted as an apprentice to a norn named Beigarth who taught her the basics of smithing and metallurgy. Just like her study at the Grove, the lessons at the norn's capital were not a full meal capable of sating her hunger for knowledge. She left Hoelbrak in a winter's time, even under Beigarth's insistence to teach her more advanced methods.[53] Next she continued her hermit-like lifestyle to charr lands where she learn of projectiles and firearms from a gladium named Asagai, but just as before, the scholar abandoned her work only learning basic and some intermediate skills. Ceara finally decided to travel to Rata Sum, hoping that the asura may sate her hunger.

Ceara eagerly waited to set up the isolation chamber so she could see the inner mechanisms of this world. Inside the machine, she saw the universe stretched out before her, and then Tyria. But then the voice of the Pale Tree pleaded the sylvari not to go on; insisting that by seeking to comprehend the forces that shape them, she will unleash them. At that moment, Ceara's view changed to the Pale Tree in the Grove with thorn vines[57] creeping around the bark of the tree. Ceara realized that the vines were her, understanding her purpose. The Pale Tree attempted to plead with her once more, telling her if she was not one with what she was born to be, she would be lost and dangerous.

Finally, Marjory and Kasmeer, as well as the Commander were able to reach the top of the tower. Marjory theorizes that Scarlet might be behind the tower, given that her other creations have been sighted during their ascension. Upon reaching the top of the tower, the trio entered the heart of the tower keen in injecting the antitoxin and ending its effects on the province. Within the tower, it was discovered that Scarlet went to the splintered Nightmare Court faction first. It was also discovered that the Oratuss[68] of the krait allied only to bring the prophets back into this world. Upon reaching the heart of the tower, the Oratuss was overheard fighting with a Courtier about infidels being in the presence of their prophets. When Marjory and Kasmeer and the Commander were exposed, Scarlet Briar appeared via teleportation. The crazed sylvari began to berate the allies as she took a sample of the toxic seeds. Before any action could be taken, a swollen cocoon began to open. Scarlet made her escape while a young krait sprouted from the cocoon. The alliance, believing this to be the prophet, protected it at all costs. It was noted that the krait began to age and grow at an alarming rate, becoming an adult in a matter of minutes. The 'hybrid' was also noted to have sylvari-like leaves and thorns. However, the contingent was able to kill the creature as it shouted, "No! I cannot be the last of my kind!". Whether this creature was truly a prophet of the krait is yet to be realized. 041b061a72


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