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Naruto Shippuden Episode 490 [EXCLUSIVE]

  • "Dark Clouds"edit暗雲 (An'un)Episode dataPrevious"The State of Affairs"EpisodeNaruto: Shippūden #490 (Watch Online)Next"Recklessness"ArcShikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent DarknessMusicOpening"Empty Heart"Ending"Absolutely"Air datesJapanese January 19, 2017English June 11, 2019DebutCharactersKomori

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  • Demonic Illusion: Cajolery of Glamour

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"Dark Clouds" (暗雲, An'un) is episode 490 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 490

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As seen in the previous episode, the current story arc will put the spotlight on the shinobi from the Nara clan. Episode 489 was more like an introduction to the arc, but things are about to get interesting in "Naruto Shippuden" episode 490.

Titled "Shikamaru Hiden: Dark Clouds," the upcoming episode will show Shikamaru, Ro and Soku infiltrating the Land of Silence to find Sai and his team. While they are there, they will also have to careful of the threat posed by Gengo, the country's leader.

The current story arc is actually based on a light novel titled "Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness." Takashi Yano wrote the novel and "Naruto" creator Masashi Kishimoto illustrated it. Fans want to know more about the upcoming episodes can check it out.

Meanwhile, a new story arc will start on episode 494, and it will allegedly focus on Naruto and Hinata's wedding. Well, looks like fans will finally see the two exchange their vows. For now, the episode is tentatively titled "Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding."

While Naruto Shippūden has never been known for its twists and turns, the high predictability factor kept this week's outing from earning as high a grade as last week's. A full episode documenting how the group gained entry into the Land of Silence detracts from the danger Gengo poses from within those walls. Going forward, it will be interesting to see whether the anime staff continues to add their own flourishes to the narrative or if this was a one-off deal.

The episodes for the twenty-first and penultimate season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. The season focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake attempting to defeat Kaguya Ōtsutsuki after Madara Uchiha's activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and his ultimate betrayal by Zetsu, which is revealed to be a part of Kaguya. The season also depicts Naruto and Sasuke's respective spiritual connection to Indra and Ashura and their destined, unavoidable final battle. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] The season aired from May to October 2016.[2]

The season contains three musical themes, including one opening and two endings. The opening theme, "Blood Circulator" (ブラッドサーキュレーター, Buraddo Sākyurētā) by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, is used from episode 459 to 479. The first ending theme, "Blue Lullaby" (青のララバイ, Ao no Rarabai) by Kuroneko Chelsea, is used from episode 455 to 466. The sixth ending theme, "Pino and Amélie" (ピノとアメリ,, Pino to Ameri) by Huwie Ishizaki, is used from episode 467 to 479.

Players can now take their ninja battles on the road with NARUTO: Ninja Destiny, the first 3D head-to-head NARUTO fighter for the Nintendo DS. Any aspiring ninja can unleash powerful jutsu and take advantage of items to brawl his way to victory against 16 different characters. Dual-screen combat will allow fierce battles to unfold on the top screen while power ups can be strategically unleashed on the touch screen for fast, frenetic action. Core fighting game fans and casual gamers alike will find plenty to enjoy, thanks to a combo move system that is both intuitive to pick-up and challenging to master. Featuring scenes, characters, and storylines from up to the 140th episode of the hit animated television series currently airing on Cartoon Network, NARUTO: Ninja Destiny offers an intense single-player story and versus mode, along with wireless multiplayer combat. [Tomy]

When Wario sees a TV series about a thieving master of disguises, he dives through the television screen, steals the theif's quick-change wand and takes over the entire show. Episode after episode, he breaks into exotic locations, such as a luxury liner, watery ruins and an Egyptian pyramid. Draw Wario's 8 disguises: By sketching a symbol on Wario, the player puts Wario in outfits that give him powers, such as Theif Wario's tackles and Cosmic Wario's laster blasts. The player also uses the stylus to wield powers. Explore enviornments: Wario travels the globe in ten missions that span nine exotic locations. The player must attack many enemies found in each location and also use Wario's disguises to get past puzzling obstacles. Play mini-games to unlock chests: To pick the lock of each chest, the player must play one of eight stylus-driven mini-games that grow more difficult as the game progresses. [Nintendo]

(Known in the UK/EU as "Mystery Detective") After her father unexpectedly passes away, Mackenzie inherits the family business: a renowned detective agency in a fantastic world of mystery and intrigue. With the aid of her investigative assistant Funghi and her faithful servant Cromwell, Mackenzie sets off to prove herself worthy of being called... the Touch Detective. With the DS stylus, players can guide Mackenzie through crime scenes, talk to witnesses, and discover new evidence. Touching mysterious objects, people, or places allows essential case cracking clues to develop. The dual screens also enable players to simultaneously view clues, inventory, and maps throughout investigations. Features four thrilling full-length episodes with an additional 20 mini-quests. Gather evidence, question witnesses, and wrack your brain to crack the case! [Atlus Software]

Wizards of Waverly Place for Nintendo DS is the only game that allows fans to experience the magical mishaps of Alex Russo, with the help of her brothers, Max and Justin. Players can experience five unique and exciting episodes while learning how to cast new magic spells ensuing in hours of hilarious and mischievous fun! Fans visit recognizable locations from the show, and hang out with familiar friends from the hit Disney Channel TV series. [Disney Interactive]

Based on episodes from VIZ Media's hit anime series Shonen Jump Naruto, the new game features a unique time-based combat system in which players must determine each character's strengths and use them accurately to help them defeat the enemy. Choosing from six available characters, players explore the Village Hidden in the Leaves and the world of Naruto as they roam across forests, fields, rivers and mountains. Along the way players encounter bosses and enemies that they must use their special techniques to defeat. [D3Publisher of America]

NARUTO: Ninja Council 3 is based on episodes from VIZ Media's anime series SHONEN JUMP NARUTO and will feature mission-based gameplay for up to four players. The ninja action game utilizes an interchangeable attack system allowing players to combine attack techniques from all available characters in the mission to increase their chance of success. Using the new interchangeable attack system, players select a main character to complete the mission and then customize their attack scheme by selecting special techniques from other available characters -- increasing their chance of success by combining the best techniques for the mission. Players can activate special attacks using the Nintendo DS stylus on the touch screen or by blowing into the microphone. Just like a true ninja, in NARUTO: Ninja Council 3, players will have to protect, defend or defeat as they train hard to perfect their skills in order to progress through the ranks in over 40 missions ranging in difficulty from moderate to challenging. Up to four players (wireless) can choose from over 20 different characters with four different playing modes including Timed Mode, Scroll Collection Mode and Head-to-Head Versus Mode. [D3Publisher of America] 041b061a72


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