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Where To Buy File Cabinet Locks

While many businesses now store valuable and confidential data on servers and in the cloud, the filing cabinet still plays a big role in the office environment. Standard practices still include keeping employee and customer files, contracts, insurance information and other reference paperwork for convenient on-site access.

where to buy file cabinet locks

Important files and confidential documents can be secured with an add-on locking bar. These retrofit security devices are made of thick steel and designed to be installed on the side of the cabinet. When the bar is closed, it can be locked with a padlock.

Tight key management policies should apply to keys for filing cabinets, restricted access and storage areas. Business owners need to maintain backup keys and spares, keep track of which employees have a copy of cabinet keys, and use a clear record-keeping process. This will help prevent filing cabinet keys from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost, while ensuring that important files can be accessed when needed.

To avoid the problem of keys altogether, your office can switch to electronic locking devices. Smart locks that are specially designed to replace standard filing cabinet locks can be configured to meet the needs of your staff. Newer electronic filing cabinet locks can easily be retrofitted to most existing storage cabinets.

Yes. Locksmiths are specialized in repairing all types of locks and restoring access. If you have misplaced or lost the key to a filing cabinet, the locksmith can use the code on the lock cylinder to make a new key and cut additional copies. If this code is unavailable or illegible, the locksmith can fashion a new key or rekey the lock.

For more information on how to best protect your office cabinets and desks, and for information on changing desk and cabinet locks, reach out to Great Valley Lockshop by filling out a service request online.

Perhaps nothing is more helpful when it comes to storage and organization than the classic file cabinet. While the office and work environment has gone through major transformations over the past decades, the file cabinet has remained a staple, and for good reason. Although a lot of information is now stored digitally and with cloud computing tools, there are still plenty of situations that require hard-copies of important documents. A file cabinet provides a simple and secure way to make sure that files are easily accessible.

It all comes down to secure and convenient storage that can be adapted to fit your existing office space. If your office has yet to go paperless or you work in a field where it is vital to have documents on hand, then the last thing you want to do is randomly stuff papers into your desk drawers. Not only will this create clutter, but it will also make it impossible to quickly locate a file when you need it. The right file cabinet will:

Vertical models have drawers that extend from the short side of the cabinet. Typically, this means that the drawers offer greater depth. These cabinets are also usually taller than lateral models and will need adequate space to be fully extended and provide easy access to files located throughout the length of the drawer.

You want to find the right value that provides a durable design that will withstand repetitive use without overpaying. Think about how often you will be using the cabinet, what kind of security features and locks you will need and what kind of budget you are working with. Also, be sure to take delivery costs into account and be on the lookout for models that come with free delivery.

Choosing the perfect size file cabinet depends both on how much office space you have to accommodate a file cabinet and how many files and papers you will need to store. Be sure to keep in mind that your storage needs are sure to continue to grow. Purchasing a cabinet that merely meets your current needs could end up being a waste of money. Instead of guessing about dimensions, break out the tape measure and try to get a more exact idea of the size and style of file cabinet that will best meet your needs.

In addition to durability, steel models also incorporate more features than plastic or wood models. They typically come with lock systems, counterweights for smooth operation and full drawer suspension capabilities. Steel file cabinets are real workhorses that will keep up with your needs.

Wood offers a more attractive alternative to metal options. While wood is more susceptible to scratches, this only adds to the overall character and patina. In general, wooden file cabinets are just as sturdy and durable as metal models and they offer the extra benefit of creating a warmer office environment. Choose between various colors and finishes to create the right look and feel.

When it comes to protecting your files, there are a variety of different file cabinet lock options to choose from. The most common types of locks are cam and sliding teeth locks. These often come standard with higher quality models and require a key to gain access.

A cam lock relies on a metal bar to secure the doors in place. As you turn the key, the metal bar on the interior of the door will also rotate. These locks are easy to use and replace if needed. Sliding teeth locks also rely on a mechanism located within the cabinet and are perfect for cabinets with glass sliding doors. When the door is unlocked, a sliding section that is controlled using a key, separated from the main lock.

Full extension drawer slides can handle a heavier weight load so that the drawer can be pulled all the way open. This allows you to enjoy better access to the entire drawer take full advantage of the entire file cabinet.

Mayline was founded in 1939 and specialized in manufacturing drafting tables for engineering firms. Over the ensuing decades, they have expanded to provide a wide range of office products, including durable and affordable file cabinets. They offer storage solutions for the average office environment, as well as, high density cabinet models for businesses who need large file cabinets. (Shop Amazon for Mayline file cabinets)

Hon is dedicated to providing practical storage solutions for shrinking office environments. As companies try to drive down overhead costs by placing more employees in smaller spaces, the important storage solutions become. Hon offers lateral, vertical, wood and metal file cabinets and other storage cabinets to help you stay organized and eliminate clutter. (Shop Amazon for Hon file cabinets)

Bestar is another reputable brand that has earned a reputation for providing durable and affordable office and storage solutions. Unlike other manufacturers who tend to focus solely on function, Bestar carries stylish lines of products that will complement any office and create a polished and professional look. (Shop BTOD for Bestar file cabinets)

Sandusky carries a wide selection of cabinets that come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. They have storage solutions to fit practically any application and allow you to enjoy better organization. With shipment centers on both the east and west coasts, customers can also enjoy fast delivery. (Shop Amazon for Sandusky file cabinets)

The right file cabinet can become a vital part of your office and allow you to create a more organized and productive work environment that also provide secure protection for all your important documents. Armed with the right knowledge, you can choose a file cabinet that offers the space, durability and value that fits all your needs. Asking the right questions and doing a little research can ensure that you get the perfect model.

We can also provide various file cabinet locks and desk locks that may be missing or broken. Sometimes these locks have not been used in a long time, do not operate correctly, or are just missing altogether. Not to worry! We have replacement file cabinet locks and desk locks suited to fit almost any application. We will take care of FireKing locks and keys for you. Give us a call and let us get your office file cabinets and desks secured.

The FCL-5 Progressive Hardware file cabinet locking bar is the original swing-open security bar that locks every drawer of your office or personal file cabinet. Just pull up slightly on the inner slide bar to simultaneously release all lock points. The spring-loaded hinge swings the bar clear, allowing all file drawers to open. With FileSecure, you have access to files that are unlocked while adjacent file cabinets remain locked. ( 56" length). Click here for installation instructions.

Your bars are shipped standard for installation on the right side of a metal file cabinet or lateral file cabinet. You can easily reverse the inner slide for application on the left side. The inner slide bar interlocks with a locking lug at each drawer opening when in the locked position providing added security. Locking bars are HIPAA Compliance approved.

We recommend the Sesamee Combination Padlock or the economical Abus 55/40 Brass Padlock for use with the file cabinet locking bar. If using your own padlock, be sure it is a 40mm padlock and has a " diameter shackle.

HPC's Security Locking Bars for File Cabinets are quickly installed on steel or wood file, blueprint, or tool cabinets. They include all necessary hasps and screws for easy, on-the-job installation. They are made of heavy-duty 0.5" x 1.5"(1.25 x 3.8cm) channel steel. The hole in the hasp is 5/16" (7.95mm). Padlock required

Please review the pdf installation instructions file on each of the detailed product pages to ensure you are ordering the correct kit. Hint: If you have other cabinets in the office, you might compare the lock installed in your existing cabinets with the parts we show in the individual lock kits. These are locks are available keyed random or keyed to specific lock numbers, such as #1, #5, #10 etc.... this allows the user to purchase groups of locks that work with the same key, or to designate office areas to work with the same key, or will allow the purchase of additional locks keyed to a specific key number at a later date. Keyed random locks will not match a specific key number, and we can not match a keyed random key number at a later date. 041b061a72

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