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Danby Wine Cooler Best Buy

Give your kitchen or home bar unique design with the addition of a wine cooler. Danby wine coolers are a great addition for any wine drinker or entertainer. The wine fridges are climate controlled to keep the wine at the optimal temperature. Danby offers a variety of sizes that hold anywhere from 17 bottles up to a maximum of 75 bottles. They also make a great solution for creating your own storage solution for your cellar. Danby freestanding wine coolers are designed with performance and proper preservation for your finest wines in mind. Purchase one for your home today!

danby wine cooler best buy

If you consider yourself a decent home bartender or at least somebody with a knack for entertaining, you likely need a beverage cooler. This specialized fridge is built especially for all of your favorite drinks, from the best Cold IPAs and amber ales to Sauvignon Blanc and even your favorite lesser-known liqueurs.

This is the fridge of fridges, tailor-made for all the best liquids. It's not overly huge, meaning it can be tucked away in a basement garage, or beneath a bartop. And it'll deliver all of your favorite sippers at the perfect temperature, or, in the case of certain wines, allow them to age beautifully as though they were in some lovely European wine cellar.

Suppose you're looking for a beverage cooler with a large capacity that is still affordable. This one from Euhomy is a top choice for many. It's quiet, has an auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up around the motor, and the temperature control is easy to use. The glass door is triple-paned, sturdy, and part of Euhomy's heat insulation technology that keeps heat out. Its LED-lit interior has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, giving you enough space for 110 cans or several wine bottles. At just over 33 inches tall, it's the standard height for an under-the-counter unit. It also has a reversible door to accommodate any space.

This unit looks very similar to many other beverage coolers out there. In fact, most of its other features are seen in some of the best coolers, but we prefer some of the design elements of the Euhomy. The removable shelves are stainless steel, while many others have plastic-coated shelves. We also like the appearance of the brushed gun-metal steel doorframe. Even better? The price point is better than many of its competitors.

This simple, yet effective beverage cooler from Homelabs holds not only the "top-rated" title on Amazon, but it's also the bestseller in the etailer's beverage refrigerator category. This is likely because of its straightforward, no-frills design and its great price. Also, people recognize the Homelabs name from its extensive line of home appliances and gadgets. The black and stainless steel finish works with any decor, while a reversible-hinged glass door allows it to adapt to any layout.

If you're going to spend money on a beverage cooler dedicated to your wine collection, you want one that reflects your sense of elegance and taste. This 28-bottle wine cooler from Aaobosi will do just that. It's both beautiful and functional, with pull-out wooden shelves that give it a "stylish wine cellar vibe." The dual-zone storage system allows you to store your chilled whites, champagnes, and ports up top at a colder temp (41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit). The lower chamber holds your reds, sweet wines, and brandy, and is a bit warmer (54 to 68 degrees).

A nice feature of this wine chiller is the temperature memory function. After a power outage, you don't have to remember to reset the temperature settings, as they automatically return to the previous setting. Plus, if you're a true wine connoiseur and worried that this beverage cooler's motor vibrations will affect the wine's natural maturation rate, you can rest easy. The motor is tranquil, operating at around 42 decibels (that's not much louder than a quiet library).

With free-standing beverage coolers, you can't build them into your cabinetry because they need space for the motor to breathe. Otherwise, it will burn out. This Kalamera unit, however, can be built-in thanks to clever, front-facing ventilation. The best part, though, is that built-ins tend to be slightly larger, allowing them to hold a few more cans. This premium model features a generous 154-can capacity, although it is a bit pricier than most other options on this list.

This cooler from Kuppet is designed strictly for wine. Like the Antarctic cooler above, it's compact and super stylish. It's the perfect cooler for the beginner wine collector. It's also quiet, at under 35 decibels, so it won't interrupt you and your friends from discussing the complex flavor profile of your 2015 Pinot Noir while smashing the latest Call of Duty.

The best temperature for your beverage cooler pretty much boils down to what you're cooling and your own personal preference. As we mentioned in the intro, wine and some beers should be cooled at a higher temperature (41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit). Dryer red wines like cabernet sauvignons, merlots, and malbecs keep best between 60 and 65 degrees. While richer, fruitier reds like pinot noirs can be stored a bit cooler between 55 and 60 degrees. Most white wines are chilled even further between 45 and 50 degrees. While sparkling whites and Champagne are usually held at around 45 degrees.

There are ideal temps for different styles of beer as well. Stouts and porters are suggested to be served between 50 and 55 degrees. Ales are best a bit colder, between 45 and 50 degrees, and lagers the coldest at 40 and 45 degrees. And we all know the best cheap beer is best served as close to freezing as possible. The same goes for a nice root beer or cream soda. However, these are all just suggestions. If you have a sensitivity to super-cold drinks, set your beverage center to whatever temperature you'd like. After all, it is your beverage cooler.

Most wine coolers do not control humidity, normally their relative humidity is 40%. A few manufacturers have attempted to add humidity, for example U-Line which states that its models have 50% relative humidity. Danby provides humidity reservoirs in its Silhouette Series (i.e. you fill some plastic containers with water), Franklin Chef has drip trays to collect condensation which are then evaporated by the heat of the compressor. The results of these efforts are erratic.

Most wine coolers have double-paned glass doors which help maintain temperature through increased insulation. They also provide some protection against UV, although some manufacturers add tint for extra protection. Leveling legs help reduce vibration and some high-end wine refrigerators like Marvel have vibration dampeners.

Since the temperature in wine refrigerators normally fluctuate, the best way to protect your wine against the damaging effects is to keep the refrigerator full. A full refrigerator will take longer to get to the proper temperature, but once the wine is at the right temperature it acts as a cooling block and minimizes temperature fluctuations. So the best wine refrigerators need to operate reliably under a full load.

How much wine do you need chilled and ready for drinking? Remember, a wine cooler is not a long-term storage device and you should not store wine in them for longer than a year. With that in mind, you can estimate the capacity you need by multiplying the amount of wine you drink a week by 52. One bottle of wine a week means a 52 bottle capacity, two bottles a week means a 104 bottle capacity.

Do you want your refrigerator to be freestanding or under the kitchen counter? Built-in wine coolers are specifically designed for the latter and have front venting. Some manufacturers like Vinotemp design them to fit the space used for a trash compactor.

The racks in wine refrigerators are one of their most problematic features. Like standard wine racks, their bottle capacity is based on Bordeaux-shaped bottles. Add some Pinot Noir, Champagne or Magnums and your storage capacity will be significantly reduced. The best wine refrigerators provide universal racking. 041b061a72


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