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~ Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit Through the Ancient Science of Ayurveda.

Namaste Friends,

I'm Ashley Meadows, a Marin County, California native. With a diverse background as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, classically trained Chef, Yoga Instructor, and Shamanic Kambo Practitioner.


My journey into holistic health began at the International Culinary Center in Manhattan, where I discovered Ayurveda and the idea of food as medicine After years as a chef, I delved into yoga and shamanism, training under Chief Golden Feather in Hawaii. This experience led me to embrace a path of healing and education, deepening my understanding of Kambo medicine with Dr. Henry Quesada, Studying various yoga styles in Thailand during my teacher training. And, graduating from the California College is Ayurveda. 

I now have a private practice in San Rafael, CA offering private Ayurvedic counseling, body therapies, custom herbal medicine, culinary classes and meal plans, as well as, tailored seasonal cleanses. I teach at the College of Marin, and host retreats throughout the year.


I'm grateful for all my teachers along the way leading me to embrace Ayurveda and a holistic lifestyle approach to wellness. I look forward to helping you on your healing journey!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,


"I have been working with Ashley Meadows for the past 19 months and the emotional and spiritual healing that I've experienced has been nothing short of dramatic. I work in a high-pressure professional environment where I compete on a daily basis. The levels of stress I was experiencing were stealing my joy and I was in desperate need of change. Inside just the past year and a half of my life my entire spiritual perspective has transformed for the better. I can genuinely say that the many sessions and practices that Ashley has prescribed have given me a new lease on life and I cannot thank her enough. In my humble opinion, anyone and everyone would benefit from Ashley's expertise and healing abilities. I invite anyone struggling or even just looking to improve themselves to take work with This brilliant individual!"

Peter Michael Torabkhan, NY


Image by Albina White

~ Mahatma Gandhi 

"Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves"

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By enrolling in our Ayurveda packages, you agree to commit to the full duration of the chosen package, acknowledging its importance for your health journey. This is your commitment to your health journey and you are obligated to attend all sessions included in the package without interruption. Discontinuation midway through will impact your success and is not recommended and will not be refunded. We emphasize the necessity of completing the designated sessions for optimal results and wellbeing.

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